Never be the same again

I’m aware I’m speaking from a privileged stance here, but what an uneventful yet interesting two months it has been for me. Though there was literally nothing noteworthy that happened , some sort of awakening and “re-assesment” is abuzz internally. I am not alone in this for sure. Many people had to drastically change their lives due to the effects of lockdowns or quarantines. It really does take a pandemic for us to focus back to our roots, huh?

Where I live, the Circuit Breaker is about to end in a week’s time. But society can only emerge from the dungeon in phases. I used to not like the phrase “New Normal”, but perhaps that’s what it’s really gonna be.  Can we really go back to our old ways after seeing how the pandemic wreak havoc into our health, safety, economy, finances, relationships, etc? We won’t be able to go about our typical activities, likely until year end or even next year. The virus will not go away when we start (or at least try) going out or work in the office again. Heck, it might even trigger a second wave. As it evolves, we’ll also have to come up with new ways of living in order to live alongside this virus while a cure is still under development. This quote below is especially compelling as to how it emphasises on the need for a New Normal:

Screenshot 2020-05-23 at 5.58.07 PM

Id prefer not to make this a very long entry. Getting inspiration from this quote, I’ll be posting separately soon about the truths I’ve learned, and the new “drills” I’m putting to practice in alignment with the New Normal. In the meantime, keep safe and be well. 

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