Sanity during Circuit Breaker

Note: Circuit Breaker refers to a milder version of a Lockdown where I live.

I originally wanted to write about success for my March blog. #Adulting took over again and I missed writing last month. Besides that, I felt it would be out of touch to what’s happening right now if I proceed to write about that subject.  I thought it would be best to write something that could be helpful to whoever is reading this by sharing the things I’ve been doing to keep my mental health in a good place during this difficult time.

Sticking to a routine

In order to stay track and preserve my focus, I decided to not make a lot of changes on my weekday work routine. With a slight addition of a quick morning exercise, I still wake up early, take my morning bath, put on some make-up and be at my desk by 08:30 AM while eating  a minuscule breakfast. I also have lunch  (still making lunches by batch over the weekend too) and knock off at the same time as I do when I’m in the office. I count myself blessed that there isn’t much distractions here at home as everybody here are working adults who also focus doing their own things and have their own work stations.

P.S. I know what you’re going to say about makeup, but putting some on definitely calms the nerves. I know for sure it’s helped keep my “morning work sickness” at bay for a few years now.

Schedule and be cautious of news reading

I easily get affected by information I see  or read online. As most news and discussions seem all gloom and doom, I’ve decided to purposely read news only at designated times and stop when I think I’ve had my fill of the news for that period. I don’t need to know every single update about number of cases, number of deaths, etc.  I just need enough as a conversational tool for work purposes.

Catch up on positive, light-hearted  entertainment

We’ve four streaming subscriptions at home which I’ve been ignoring because of my obsession with beauty youtube. So I’m taking this opportunity to get my payments’ worth by finally watching light-hearted, feel-good TV shows and movies. I initially did it on Sunday nights to keep myself from ruminating about the work week ahead. But when the situation became a pandemic, I decided I should full-on watch shows that can take my mind away from the potential anxiety. No La Case de Papel for me, just some chick flicks and documentaries where I can actually learn new stuff.

P.S. Just finished watching Virgin River on Netflix.

Just because it’s on your mind, doesn’t mean you have to entertain it

I read this as a tweet a long time ago. It’s not easy to do, to be honest. My brain was programmed such that If I’m not worrying or agonising about things all the time, I would think I’m not being responsible or I’m not doing anything to solve the issues. On most days now, I consciously try not to go down the worrying route but focus on what I can do, and let the world outside go at the end of the day.

Be productive 

As an adult, there’s just some many things to do yet so little time. (Thanks, house chores. Thanks, high-pressure job.). Staying in gives me an opportunity mainly to learn more, may it be listening to TED talks, informational podcasts, linkedin learning etc.

Stay near natural light

I’m also blessed to have a floor-to-ceiling window beside my workspace at home (aka The Dining Room) and to live in a flat that’s spacious and painted white. It certainly helps lightens my mood when I can see natural light blue skies and sun hitting my skin. Though we all can’t go out, I don’t feel like I’m a prisoner or missing out on anything as I can still see what’s happening outside, or what the moon looks like, or when it’s raining.

While we’ll have to stay in longer than we want, what is certain is that we will not be in this situation forever. (Gives a positive spin on #WalangForever, right?). I sincerely hope that we all be socially responsible, so can come out of this alive and learn not to take the important things for granted.

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