Quickfire: Racism

Injustice and Inequality are some things that really gets my goat, whether it’s on tv/movies, or in real life. To be honest, I don’t know much about the history of African-Americans in the US, or their plights, other than what I see in news or in fiction. I don’t personally know anyone who’s African-American either. However, I believe that they deserve what all humans do: To be treated with respect and dignity, a right to a decent living and equal opportunities, a right to feel safe and to be able to defend themselves. It’s unfortunate that we humans failed again as we’ve seen what happened to George Floyd and others recently. As long as the racism and discrimination continues on casually and / or systematically , the same tragedies will happen over and over. I love what this lady that I follow online recently shared: 

*Quickfire are posts about pressing matters that I feel compelled to speak about. I’m not sure yet if I will continue this type of posts in the future though. I’m still at a discerning period where I’m still heavily considering what types of topics I should cover on this blog.

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