Speed Reviews # 6: Emily in Paris, ..And Just Like that, Cheer, and other random things

For me, 2022 has truly arrived with a vengeance. Work-wise I am filled to the brim, so I’m not able to consume media or do personal projects as much as I wanted to.  I just have to keep reminding myself that these are good problems, and like all other things, these too shall come to pass. 

ANYWAY, that was just a side-note about where I am at right now. On this Speed Reviews, I dump random stuff from TV Shows, Books, and make-up products.

Emily in Paris S2, Netflix

Ah yes, my favorite trash tv is back for another season. I was entertained by this one. However enjoyable, it is all too glaring to me how too optimistic and perky Emily is and how stereotypical American habits and working attitudes come across to others, especially to Europeans. I’m becoming quite annoyed how Emily doesn’t bother to learn the language. The room full of French people has to adjust to her when we all know that’s not how it works in real life. On a similar note, bearing in mind that the creators of this show are also the creators of SATC, I realize how those creators are out of touch, unrealistic and tone-deaf, no wonder the series is like that. Sometimes I think that is the schtick they are going for, and they keep going at it because there are people who still buy it. Therefore, I think Emily in Paris will continue to thrive for at least 2 more seasons..or 3. 

Rating: ⅘ ( not because it was created so wonderfully but simply because it is successful in entertaining me brainlessly).

The Collected Stories of Jessica Zafra (Shopee PH)

This is another book from my favorite OG authors. It’s a compilation of short stories from her previous and upcoming books. I’ve read most of her Twisted column compilations so I’m quite used to the elements of her personality, lifestyle, and beliefs sprinkled onto the characters and plots. The stories that I liked include: The woman with a child at a crossroads in Portents, the woman out of her stint in rehab in ___ was here, The intertwined lives of common folks in Lamentations 5:23 and tenants in 914, 915, 916, the helpless princess in The Starlet Suicides, facing the death of a loved one in Clear, etc. Many of these pieces were written in the 90s, with the backdrop being the decaying manila (as always). These stories all make sense to me now that I am much older. Overall, I’d say this was a more enjoyable read than Age of Umbrage. Perhaps I like her more as a short storyteller and a columnist.

Rating: 4/5

L’oreal Infallable 24-hour Freshwear foundation in a powder (Online in Shopee. It’s not available in physical stores in SG) – The powder foundation that is selling like hotcakes. Your oily-skinned gal loves this powder. True to its word, it helps keep my face matte and smooth and doesn’t disappear on my face immediately. The only downside is that I bought the wrong shades, so I don’t use it as a standalone foundation, more of a finishing / mattifying powder. Yes, I understand the hype. 

Rating: 5/5

Charlotte Tilbury, Charlotte’s Magic Cream Travel Size (Sephora) – Wrong move for me to buy this. The smell is so cloying and the texture is heavy (like those creams our parents used in the 80s-90s). I’m feeling a lot of buyer’s remorse on this one. However, having spent an exorbitant amount on this travel size, I don’t want to waste it. I am still using it but just sparingly. I can’t wait to finish this and re-purchase the Tatcha water cream or something else that is similar in texture. 

Rating: ⅕

Charlotte Tilbury – Palette of Pops (Sephora) – I got used to my older palettes that are pigmented, so I am finding this one odd. I have to really press hard and dip back to the palette a few times to get a decent amount of sparkle on my eyelids. Seriously, I am kinda regretting these CT purchases. For the prices, these stuff are not wowing me as much as the affordable ones I’ve had for years. Sigh. 

Rate: 2/5

Supergoop Unseen Screen, travel size (Sephora) – I love the texture and consistency of this one; great for outdoor use. I am just holding back in giving this a perfect rating because it is so expensive compared to my Biore HG, and that sunscreen has more amount (90ml) than the regular sized Unseen Screen and is more accessible to buy. Sigh. As much as I like, I will have to substantiate with the travel size and use it sparingly. 

Rate: ⅘

Cheer (Netflix)

Cheer was more drama this time around. I suppose Navarro Cheer’s fame explosion was partly to blame for this. Also, the casts are mostly kids still trying to find their way in the world. Unfortunately, many of the main characters choose the wrong or dark paths. The majority of the 2021 team are newcomers and had the unfortunate circumstance of competing during a pandemic. The season also featured the competitor, TVCC Cheer team, and their gigil to win the title. They probably got as much air time as Navarro Cheer, if not more. I still watched the whole season because of my inherent love for cheerleading, but I would say it is not as fun watching it as the first season. It is not because of how the show was created, but the dark turns that happened in the lives of the main cast which affected the whole team. I also can’t seem to feel a connection with the newbies. There were moments where I found myself bored while watching the episodes. I still have hopes for Cheer, and I would like to believe that Season 3 will be more exciting than this one. 

Rating: 3/5

And Just Like That (HBO Max)

How do I describe my experience watching AJLT? I do know this SATC reboot was very polarizing. It seems about 60-70% of comments I read said they didn’t like it. The three women are living their lives mid-lives in modern New York City, post-pandemic. Each one of them is going through their mid-life crises and challenges. I am for representation and kudos to the creators and cast for their new additions, but I felt like they were trying too hard to be relevant like they were making up for everything they ignored in the original series en masse. There is also a deep gaping hole with Kim Catrall not being on the show. It’s just not the same and way less fun. I salute Charlotte and Harry for doing their best to keep up and accept the changes happening to their children. Miranda… what happened to Miranda? Let me just say she and Carrie have traded places as the most bonkers when it comes to their romantic relationships. As for Carrie, well I can’t say that much, but her journey (for me) in this season is probably the most realistic and heartfelt of all, along with Nya, one of the new characters. 

For the record, I will always watch anything related to SATC As it was one of my favorite series, despite all the politically incorrectness of the original show. So I watched AJLT for fear of missing out. For the fans, I would say this isn’t a required watch. Even if I watched it, I still consider it as “bonus content”. The only real SATC content I consider legit is the original series until the first movie. So yes, if you are all about correctness now, you don’t need to watch this. If you just want some “don’t think too much just watch” kind of show much like Emily in Paris, go for it. 

Rating: 3/5

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