Still Alive in 2023 + Speed Reviews #7 (Mostly TV)

If anyone missed me, yes I’m still alive! I hope everyone had a wonderful and peaceful holiday and has started the year right. What have I been up to the past couple of months? Well, I had to move (albeit unplanned) to another apartment on two months’ notice due to the crazy rental market and future uncertainties. I also went on a quick trip to Bali and got sick concurrently. When I got back, I got busy with packing and got sick again concurrently. I’ve moved to the new house but everything is still a mess. There’s not much furniture here and I’m doing things on the floor (eating, working, etc.). I would have loved to keep my tradition of a year-ender and best-of-the-year blog but was quite sick at the time I had to do it. I gotta pat myself on the back for orchestrating this relocation independently. Stressful but I made it through 🙂 

Anyhow, I still managed to put in the time to watch a few series and movies. Here are the speed reviews of some movies and shows I watched from November 2022 – January 2023. 

Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery (Netflix) – This movie had a powerhouse cast and great production but it didn’t leave me feeling satisfied. It’s like everything was spoon-fed. No mystery though it’s supposed to be one. 3/5

Severance (AppleTV) -For me, the first season is the dark and unromantic version of Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. I’m not used to watching psycho-thrillers with multi-layered characters and plots. It started slow and if I weren’t packing while watching it, I would have dozed off or given up on it. The series picks up in the second half and the season finale was quite the heartstopper. I have to read and watch reviews to fully understand and appreciate them. There are so many more plots and characters to explore and develop. Hopefully, the succeeding seasons stay the course. 5/5

Emily in Paris (Netflix) – Oh yes, our favorite trash TV. I watched this while I was on holiday and sick. Nothing much to say except 1) Please stop hurting Alfie 2) They don’t know what to do with Camille and Gabriel 3) Luc and Mindy are the darlings of this show. 3/5

WeCrashed (AppleTV) – Another fine limited series from Apple TV. It made my disgust for The Billionaire fire up even more. The leftist in me is alive! The show further strengthens my resolve not to be in awe of the elite who have no sense of reality, no remorse, no accountability for their actions, “Everything is about me”, and “The world is persecuting me” type of people. ALSO! I realized while watching this show…. That Bankers and Investors are quite stupid, always getting sold ideas that are not sustainable. This is just like how Lizzy of Theranos sold her fraudulent ideas to Walgreens. As you can see, the show did a great job of evoking my emotions, lol. 5/5

Don’t Worry Darling (Warner Bros / HBO) – The Infamous Crown Jewel of 2022. I know everybody’s hatin’ or were more invested in the drama. However, I actually like the premise of this movie. I would call it “The Stepford Wives of Gen Z.” Unfortunately, it was not well executed. As always, my darling Florence Pugh was superb. On the other hand, I was confused if Harry Style’s acting was supposed to be that way given his character’s true nature, or if his acting was that bad. Anyway, I enjoyed watching the movie. I guess it’s just one of those trash movies that appeal to certain people. 3/5

I hoped to start 2023 in a less chaotic manner but here we are. Also, daily life gets in the way but I will sure do my darndest to post more content here, on the pod, or elsewhere (?????) semi-regularly. Have a good start to your February, folks!

*Top photo from Ian Schneider via Unsplash.

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