Blurbs: Halfreformed’s 10th  anniversary – Have I reformed? 

Photo by Mario Gogh via Unsplash

It’s my username’s 10th anniversary. I have little recollection of how “halfreformed” was created, but I know for sure I created it in 2012. I just signed up for an Instagram account at that time, and I wanted to create a username other than my full name. Also, I was in my early 20s then, so as a newly minted adult, I wanted to have an “edgy” and “different” username. In my teenage years, my usernames were different cutesy versions of “butterfly” and I had to change that. So why halfreformed? It came up randomly. I was trying to encapsulate the state of being I was in. I was on the verge of converting to a different spiritual belief. I felt that I was halfway through changing the old mindsets I had. In the end, I chose not to go that route but I didn’t have the urge to change my username. 

A decade has passed, so have I fully reformed?  Not really. Some mindsets may take a lifetime to undo, after being ingrained for a lifetime, so yes I am still halfway there. However, I take this in stride because reeducation can continue as long as we live. We will always endure some form of shedding, changing, taking in, and letting go, because reformation is an ongoing process. I am still carrying some baggage but it has been reduced considerably.  Though I have not fully reformed, I have improved a lot in terms of my spiritual beliefs, how I view myself, other people, and the world.

So yes, I still have no reason to change as it is a continuing process for me. And of course, it’s something that sets me apart from the rest of the online world 🙂

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