On *Languishing*

The meme wasn’t lying when it said 2020 and 2021 are twins. First off, let me just say that I am very grateful for all the privileges and blessings that I have now. However, we’ve been languishing in different aspects of life for the past couple of months. It feels like the rest of the world is moving forward, leading to a better direction while we are still stuck here. It feels like there is nothing to look forward to, that we are just in an endless loop like we are hamsters on a wheel. 

I’m not writing this as an advice article because, to be honest, the feeling of languishing is still ongoing. I’m also trying to find answers myself. So far, three things have helped alleviate my feelings while in this phase: 

Let it be – The negative emotions and mindset come from trying to stop something from happening. I think trying to calm the storm that’s already set to come will just make me drown more. If I let the storm come and ride the wave, perhaps going through it will be easier and safer for me. 

Things change – I’m at an age where I’ve gone through some life experiences and can attest that nothing lasts forever, good and bad. That is good news because even if I am in a seemingly dire situation, I now know that at some point, things will change and will get better eventually, if not better, things will fall into place as they should. So yes, ride the waves because, at some point, it will come to pass. 

Create something to look forward to – Due to circumstances we can’t control, we’re stuck where we are. Every single day feels the same. Until our circumstances change, it’s really up to us to create something that I can look forward to, as simple as the next meal, what I would give myself as a birthday gift, what I would do on my annual leave, etc. 

And lastly, negative thoughts and emotions are part of who we are and I shouldn’t stop them from coming into my mind. Yes, they can come but I am not obliged to entertain them or to let them stay forever. I can process it for a while and let it go. 

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