Blurbs: Why it had to happen

Photo by @secondsapart on Instagram

I consider myself very blessed and privileged in life. I am mostly shielded from hardships or adversities either because of my privilege or my constant avoidance of challenges. Recently, one of my worst nightmares happened. Because of that, I went through a grieving period and had to make a drastic life change (no one died, but something was lost). I hated that it happened and it had to happen to me. I felt sorry for myself because I ended up in that situation.

Fortunately, I have a chance to start again. Being more self-aware, I now fully appreciate the message in that image above. I look forward to that moment when once again, everything clicks together, and I fully understand why that nightmare had to happen. I guess that It had to happen to toughen me up since I’m such a jelly when it comes to adversities. I needed to experience “a bend in the road” as my life journey has been rather smooth-sailing. Maybe it’s to protect me from further hardships or heartbreaks. 

There will be a whole set of challenges in starting anew, but for now, I will try to fully enjoy this moment of break. 


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