2020… a year we will not look back on with fondness. lol

2020 personally felt like a year of insurmountable challenges…. but hope floats. Photo by Alejandro Pinero Amerio c/o Unsplash.

I hope everyone’s having a restful and safe holidays so far. By the time this entry is published, my partner and I will be at the tail end of our last staycation of 2020 . We (more of I) just needed to cap off  this horrendous year hanging at a placer a little nicer than ours. 

Instead of discussing all the negative events of 2020, let me just share the valuable lessons I never knew i’d learn, as well as my favourites this year. Hopefully I can inspire you to look at the positive things that happened in your own life too.

Top 5 life lessons / life changes  that started (or resurfaced) in 2020

Work from home – As mentioned in a previous post, I never imagined I’d be very comfortable with working from home as I like to segregate my self. I suspect there won’t be as much of this next year, and I will miss it. 

Exercise – I’ve always had (and always will) a love/hate relationship with exercise. I finally got into a rhythm during the lockdown that instilled the habit of (almost) daily exercise in me. My next challenge is to continue the habit next year when we’re expected to be in the office more often. 

Mental Fortitude – I dived deep into this this year, thanks to my struggle with exercise… and other things. Still a work in progress here but I am hopeful. 

Getting back to writing and reading – Probably my life-savers in 2020, especially writing. I’m so so happy I got back into and to know that I still have a (writing) voice to share with readers. 

Appreciating home life / safety / health – A few of the things all of us kept for granted because nothing bad every really happens in our lives on the daily. I try to acknowledge everyday how privilege and blessed I am to have a good home life / safety and health, especially at this time of negativity. 

Top Products and Media I consumed in 2020

(The list below are not necessarily ones released this year, just things that I discovered / rediscovered / used during the year. Those with * are the winners, the rest are runner-ups)


BLK skin tint  sunshield with SPF 30* – Bought this at a department store in Manila on Dec 2019 and used most of in 2020. Love this for quick, out the door look or when staying in the office. Too bad it’s logistically challenging to buy a new one, so I got Supergoop! tinted CC screen (which is ridiculously expensive).

L’occitane Ultra Rich lip balm – Got this as a gift from a colleague that I initially kept in my drawer for a long time, now it’s almost used up. Love it for just keeping my lips hydrated on a daily basis. Bought a new one in cherry flavour, but this will not be a constant buy as it’s not cheap too. 


Biore Watery Gel Sunscreen with SPF 50* – This made applying SPF less of a chore. Love the texture, love the scent, love the price, and love that one bottle can last for months and months!


Doubt* – This was released in 2008 but only got to watch this year on HBO GO. This movie got me thinking months after I watched it. Stellar cast, stellar acting. Perfect!!!

The mirror has two faces – Another oldie but a goodie (released in 1996). Not only tackles romantic love but self-love too.

Little Women – Not a fan of period films but loved this 2019 version. Made me love Saoirse Ronan and Florence Pugh even more, though the best line for me came from Emma Watson: “Just because my dreams are different than yours doesn’t mean they’re not important.”

TV Shows / Series

The Office* – Duh, is this even a question?

Big Little Lies S1 – Perfect depiction of the novel (which I also loved)

Cheer – Tugged my heartstrings as a former cheer dancer. 


Educated by Tara Westover* – Same impact as Doubt, got me still thinking months after I read it. 

Doing it : A Sex-Positive Anthology by Karen Pickering— Such a well-rounded and engaging collection of stories of different females exploring their sexuality. 


Lofi Beats* – This is a playlist on spotify which accompanied me through work from home period, writing and even decision making. 

Dua Lipa – This was the year that I truly realised and appreciated Dua Lipa’s music and her existence as a Goddess. Especially loved: One Day, Levitating, Love Again, One Kiss, Homesick

Podcast (shows that I almost never miss an episode)

The Eve’s Drop* – Been listening since 2019 but even more in 2020. I’m neither a radio DJ, a mother or the same age range as the hosts but I just relate to them so much. 

Fat Mascara – For my regular dose of beauty news. 

Youtube (Creators whom I almost never miss a video release)

A. Beauty

Lisa Eldridge* – Started watching the Queen this year and never missed a single upload (well, also because she doesn’t upload often). Such a classy, respectable, talented and down to earth Pro MUA. 

Whitney Hedrick – A “breathe of fresh air in the beauty community”. She’s sort of a reformed make up enthusiast and former Pro MUA putting up refreshing and interesting topics related to the community. 

B. Lifestyle

Kimono Mama’s Kitchen* – Japanese Mother and daughter duo in the kitchen. Also feeds off my fascination with Japanese Cuisine and Lifestyle. 

Einzelganger – For my dose of philosophical and thought-provoking entertainment content.

As far as this blog goes, I am so looking forward to continue creating content on this medium in the coming year. For now I’m using this blog purely as a hobby, but who knows, I might expand it and add more stuff where I can make some money. Either way, I want to thank whoever is reading this for taking your precious time to read through my thoughts and ramblings, even though we may not have a chance to meet or speak. Here’s to a better 2021 for all of us!

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