Blurbs: Going Back to The Office + Re-watching The Office (US)

I’m going back to The Office!

Photo by Peter Nguyen on Unsplash

Our company reached its 6th month of working from home last month. When the voluntary back-to-office arrangement was announced in August, I was not happy at all. However, I’m now having this constant feeling of being drained from my daily work life. I kind of miss seeing the CBD area too. So now I’m looking forward to returning to the office gradually. As an introvert through and through, I need a lot of “warm-up” time, so it’s good that each team will only work in the office a few times a week.

In hindsight, I did not expect to be comfortable working from home as I like to segregate work life from home life. I outdid myself by having the same amount of productivity (I think) at home, maybe even more. Now, I look forward to seeing and sharing in here how life will be after the isolation period. 

The Office (US) – Yay or Nay? 

I fell into the rabbit hole of watching The Office US through Chris Brown’s song Forever (Jim and Pam wedding, anyone?). So we spent the last two months re-watching it. 

Most people who have access to watch it are office folks or those who have worked in an office setting. It’s no wonder so many people can relate to it. It has all the “relatable” elements: Inappropriate boss or colleagues, office romances, office politics, comedic moments, and generally just being with the same group of people sharing life that only you all can understand and relate to. 

With so many illegal, out of the top and outrageous moments in the show, I’m starting to think that watching it feed people’s fantasies of what they want to happen in their own offices but can’t because they’ll be reprimanded, suspended, fired, or jailed for doing so. Most importantly, viewers resonate with the feelings of the employees of Dunder-Mifflin: Dreading going to work, wanting to do something else, etc. 

My review

Loved it until Steve Carrell left. I found his character wildly inappropriate but witty, charismatic, and fun-loving. Deep inside, he’s a softy who cares about his team (and to be loved by them). Suffice to say he was the life of the show. 

I felt the series went downhill in seasons 8-9. They should have ended it when Steve left. US TV series seem to have the same problem as Philippine TV: they don’t know when to step (or do they? Maybe they just want to continue because there’s money to be made?). Showrunners keep things dragging on, making people tired and hate the shows people once loved. 

Likes: Michael, Pam (but not the part when Jim gave up Philly for her), Dwight, Dwight-Angela, Nellie (Didn’t like her in the beginning, but changed my mind after she softened up), Jo Bennett, Holly, Jan, Kevin, Oscar. 

Dislikes: Andy (Really, really didn’t like him right from the beginning. He’s better at slapstick comedy), Ryan Howard, Phyllis, Robert California

Most hilarious moments: First Aid Fail, Prison Mike, Fire Drill

Verdict: Will recommend for sure, but only until S7. They concluded the series pretty good in my opinion. You’ll have to power through S8-S9 to get to the finale, or just skip to the finale, whatever. 

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