Speed Reviews # 1: Books

Here is a short round up of the books I’ve read in the last few months. (June – Aug 2020)

On Writing (Memoir of the Craft), Stephen King

5 stars – Nothing preachy, intimidating or high and mighty. Just real, honest accounts and recommendations about embarking on a life of writing / being a novel writer. Thought it is titled as a Memoir of the Craft, I enjoyed reading about King’s life story as much as the craft. I also enjoyed reading about his process of writing some of his novels. I wish he wrote more about that, but then the book would be as thick as a hardcopy encyclopedia. What resonated with me are the importance of being authentic, and mastering descriptive writing (something I’m very weak at, hence I can’t be a Novelist). I’d highly recommend this to people who are wanting or in the midst of writing their own novels. 

PS: I’ve never actually read any of his novels, his genre is not my type. Nonetheless, I still think he is one of the GOATs in his field. 

Fairy Tales for Millenials: 12 problematic stories retold for the modern world, Bruno Vincent

4 Stars – As per the title, this is a collection of Fairy Tales reimagined with a “Millenial twist”. This is was an entertaining read for me, with some actual Laugh Out Loud moments (e.g. “Piggification of the City”, Seven “Dwarfs” with a Podcast, Sleeping Beauty being “Woke”, Little Red is literally “Riding”) I’m just not sure if all of these “Millenial” references are meant to purely entertain, or is Vincent is ridiculing these modern concepts. Either way, it’s fine. I find some of these concepts ridiculous too, despite being from this generation. My favourite bit is Cinderella. I love me a Modern Princess who does not rely on her family ties to support her needs, or a Prince Charming to take her out of her misery. I wonder if Vincent took inspiration for this version of Cinderella from a real-life royalty in the West.

PS: If Vincent  writes a Bible for Millenials, I’d probably be one of the firsts to get a copy of it. 

If I can make it here, Jamie Rose

3 stars – Recommended by a Youtuber I follow. A very light reading that I probably could have finished if I was on a long haul flight. Fresh grad from Texas came to New York (concrete jungle where dreams are made of) to pursue her dream of being in the PR / Entertainment industry. It was alright, nothing to analyse or dig deeper in the story line. I read it just to get myself back into the reading headspace. If you’re up for a “Budget Devil Wears Prada” story line and are a light reader, go pick this up. 

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