Book Review: Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert

Image from Wikipedia
Image from Wikipedia

I’ve known about Eat Pray Love for about five years already. I knew there was a following on this book, especially when it became a movie. However, at the time, I didn’t join the bandwagon because I thought it would be one of those very boring and dragging novels to read. It wasn’t until a few months ago, when I read a review about a celebrity’s trip t o Bali (which referred to the novel as the reason for the increased tourism in the island), which got me interested to read the book (since I’m planning on a visit sometime soon).

After a failed marriage and a grueling divorce, Liz Gilbert decides to take a year long sabbatical to travel to three countries: Italy, India and Indonesia. In Italy, she learned how to EAT (and put on weight). In India, she learned how to pray (through yoga ad meditation). Finally, in Indonesia, she learned how to balance enjoyment, spiritual life and love.


I was surprised to read that a lot of people actually didn’t like the book. These readers found Liz too self-absorbed and dramatic. I’m not so sure but didn’t they know that this was the woman’s SELF-WRITTEN chronicle about HER OWN journey to self-realization? Of course it’s going to be narcissistic and of course it will be dramatic. It’s HER story. Hey, don’t we all love to talk about ourselves as well and think that all our problems are as big as the sun with no solution? Well I guess it’s a mirror that not everybody wants to look at. Each has his or her way of coping up with life’s struggles and talking about themselves through book writing isn’t their cup of tea.

As for me, I guess I had to read this book in a specific circumstance in my life in order to enjoy it. Not that I’m going through a divorce or break-up like Liz. But let’s just say I’m in the stage of wanting travel, to properly pray and meditate and trying to maintain a balance in life.

My verdict: I’d give it four stars. Mainly because it relates a lot to how I think, feel and approach these so-called “struggles” in my life. Though I’d select the people whom I’d recommend it to. Whether her trips were “paid” do be done , it provided me some good insight when it comes to indulging on life’s pleasures, on praying, yoga, mediation and being one with God.

PS: No, I won’t watch the movie just because I’ve read it. I’ve concluded that movie versions of books just ruin it for me. I’d rather preserve the good image and impression the book left on me and I will follow that through with the succeeding novels I will read.





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